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A guy basically told me that it was my fault that guys use me and I have an unstable and distorted view of myself

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It’s not your fault. I’ve had a very distorted view of myself until recently as well. My home life growing up was super toxic and until recently, had never had a caring and supportive relationship. I used to think I was just good for people to use and discard when they were done with their trash. I promise you, it gets better and when you find that one person, which I know you will, then everything will change. It might not be today or in the next month, but eventually it will happen and that person will see you for the amazing person you are

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Is this guy your friend? Doesn’t sound like a good friend. You are not to blame of others’ actions. You don’t deserve it. You are loved. You are beautiful. Your life has value. You are not alone. This community is here with you and for you.

It is not your fault. You have someone out there meant for you and it may be a test of patience, but PLEASE KNOW you are 100% deserving of genuine love and care. Do not settle for anything less than a genuine heart.