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I wish I didn’t get close to people who leave me with know hesitation

I had a long time where I felt this way. Please know you will find your people one day. We are here for you.

O to know this feeling. Just kno. There are people like me that are searching for good people to call friends

You will find people that stay with you through the thickest stay strong

I’ve had people leave me with no hesitation throughout my whole life. My best friend of 12 years walked out on me as if I was nothing. It’s at a point where I believe that even the people who support me now are going to leave me and don’t care.
Not everyone will leave you though. Don’t go through life being afraid to get close to people - you will find people who will stay with you no matter what, and this community is an amazing place to start. You deserve loyalty and support.

Hold Fast

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Hey friend,

I completely understand where you’re coming from. I can get very attached to people, which makes it devastating when they leave. Good people, worthy of your time and friendship will come along. You matter and are worth it.

Hold Fast

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