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I hate myself.

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I cannot even count how many times I have said this too myself. I have written it down and thought it so many times. Please know you are not alone.

The journey of finding self love isn’t the easiest but it is very much worth it. We must learn to love ourselves before we can truly love others.

Small steps, take it moment by moment. Keep reaching out here- I know for sure there are so many people with good coping mechanisms for this.

We love you even when you don’t feel that love for yourself.

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You are enough.
You are loved.
You are worthy.
We are here for you.
Hold Fast.

I say this to myself everyday. The people in this community that support me tell me daily that they love me, and my response 99% of the time is “why? how could you possibly love someone as ugly and horrible as me?”
Not everyone cares about what’s on the outside though. If you can’t love yourself right now, that’s okay. We will love you until you can… We will work together to teach you how to start changing that outlook, it is possible to like yourself. I get days where I hate myself less, so, I know it can get better. It can for you too.

Hold Fast

hi friend,
I just want you to know that you aren’t alone. we hear you and we love you. when you are feeling like you can’t do anything right or feel like nothing is worth it anymore, I encourage you to come back to the support wall and talk about what is on your mind. you don’t deserve to hate yourself. you deserve to wake up feeling good about yourself and feel confident in getting through the day. you deserve a good support system and we are here for you. we are proud of you for posting and we are proud of you for being alive. you deserve love and comfort and I hope you find that here: )
stay strong

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Video response from our live stream on Twitch!

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There have been SO MANY TIMES where I’ve had these thoughts of “I HATE MYSELF!” but you know what? I find that those thoughts and self statements are LIES, they’re NOT true.