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I feel that I’m too numb inside to really enjoy life.

Please know with time and work this will get easier to cope with; keep reaching out. I’m sure that so many have great coping skills to inform you of. Things will get easier I promise; take it moment by moment.

Hold on, it gets easier. Then it gets better. And then you realize how much you have survived, fought through and have grown. Take every day one at a time. You are here, you are breathing, and that is a beautiful thing. Reach out for help and open up to the people you love. You are not alone

That sucks - I know that feeling all too well. I spent 7 years in complete numbness, using drugs to make me feel things.
I still get days where I feel too numb to care what happens, in fact, I experienced it recently - a car could have hit me, and I wouldn’t have cared, however, I realise now that, people would have missed me and that’s what keeps me going.
Sometimes, we have to start taking the steps with other people in mind… It’s by doing that we learn to begin doing the rest for ourselves.

Hold Fast

hi friend,
I feel this. I’m so sorry you struggle with this. it can be really hard to go about your day and see the good in life when you don’t know how to enjoy it. I wanna encourage you to find activities that keep you busy or get your mind off of things that are weighing you down. maybe try going for a walk while listening to music? or coloring? simple things that you think are nice and relaxing. maybe that will help you calm down while also getting you involved in a hobby/activity that makes you feel better. always feel free to come back to the support wall and post about how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking. we are always here for you and care about you. we want to be here for you and we want to help you see the good in life. we love you friend and we believe in you: )
stay strong

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Sometimes I feel nothing… I think that this happens when things get so hard, like a defense mechanism for me.

It gets really rough for me coming out of the numb as I feel that I have to work through all of the emotional baggage to get to the “good stuff.” I am not sure if your experience will be or is anything like mine… but I thought it might be helpful to know that you are not alone… that there are others out there that have experienced or are experiencing the same thing, which means there are people who can not only support you, just for being you, but who can understand and empathize with your numbness.

Consider seeking out therapy, a support group, talk to people in your life, this support wall or other groups… keep reaching out… keep talking… You have made the first steps, which is really huge and amazing.

I believe in you. I know that I do not know you but I do know that you had the courage to write down this very personal thought… that took strength and courage.

You deserve to enjoy your life. I believe that it will happen, with time, effort and love.

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Feeling numb is such a hard thing to overcome. Why put in the effort if nothing is going to change. The little things in life can give us so much happiness and joy.