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my depression has been getting bad lately, and i have no support from anyone except my boyfriend- who doesn’t know how to help me much. it’s really hard sometime :frowning:

From a personal experience I can say I’ve been where you are, and it isn’t the best feeling. What I will say is that if you can find anything that can make you happy or feel better in anyway you should do it. Whether it’s writing, reading, walking, or anything at all that can be positive it can help. And it may feel like you have one person supporting you, but I can assure you that more people in your life are supportive towards you as well, wether you can see it or not. And if you want more support I am more than willing to support you in whatever way you need.

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Life can be difficult but a lot of times these bad feelings do pass. I don’t know your whole situation but don’t let this situation color your whole outlook. I’ve been through some dark nights of the soul, but I came out the other end so to speak. It is worth it. You are worth it. Be good to yourself and know that you are never alone!

Depression can be isolating. But know that you aren’t alone. Heart Support has a book on depression called “Dwarf Planet”. It’s a great resource. Keep posting here whenever you need some encouragement. We are here to support you! Hold fast. Hope is real. What you are experiencing is not the end.

if you ever need anything. Love or encouragement or just someone to talk to, we are always here for you. Dealing with depression alone is so so hard. But you aren’t alone. If you have the ability to, I really encourage you to seek help. Maybe from a counselor, therapist, trusted doctor, or teacher. There is help out there and you do not have to go through all of this alone. And if you can’t receive help right now just come visit us and let us love you and support you. Hold fast. We believe in you.