Warped Tour Support Wall #8

Having a hard time with anxiety since my car accident, almost died. Blessed to be here but still struggling.

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“Oh friend, I know this anxiety and am so glad you’re here to talk about it. I have experienced this and can tell you it gets better. Be kind to yourself, there’s no rush. Healing takes time but it will come. All my love to you as you work through this hard thing.” -Anonymous written response on Support Wall

Hey there, here is our live response from our Twitch Stream:

Hold Fast


I’m glad that you are okay and still here! I’m so sorry that you had to experience something so terrifying. I hope that in whatever way you suffered that you are able to find peace and healing. That you are able to work through it so that you can continue living life to its fullest.
Healing can often take time to get through but just know that you are not alone and if you ever need a place to talk to, we are here to offer love and encouragement.

So much love to you my friend

  • Kitty

Recovery and rehabilitation is a long time, as much as it sucks. Many challenges and difficulties, some that you don’t think you’ll see the other side of, and some that may change your life. They may change your life, and sometimes all you can do is cry and scream at the world, and those feelings may come back and back over time. There are nights where you may wind up crying in pain, or alone, or both, and need some help or want to talk, but the community is here whether it be here or the forums, to help support each other as we try to make the world better for each other.

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