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Well... here is a video

Hi everyone
I wanted to post something different today. For a long time I thought it would take me hours to explain how i feel during existencial/depression crisis. Then I found this 5 minute video that explains it :upside_down_face: I guess there is a video for almost everything… exam for humans - YouTube



But… like… have YoU TriEd GoiNG For A RUn?
Hopefully you have stuff that grounds you like a comfort pinecone, so even if the questions torture you, you know that some semblance of meaning and purpose/reason will filter back?
Does a sense of reason and purpose filter back for you?

You’re awesome, and loved :slight_smile:


Thank you Sita for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:. Well some semblance of it yes but it is usually something like… now it is time to do the dishes. That is about that… :upside_down_face:

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hmm maybe my intended post might help you, who know. still have to research and write it insert any meme about being busy here

Hope being here helps you. Glad you hang around with us!

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The video truly nailed it. Was quite fun to watch at times. Thank you for sharing.

It’s strange how depression is tied to these existential questions, even though not for everyone, and not at the same intensity. It’s such a can of worms though. Questions that never have any real answer. And on the other side, the sensation of seeing with a raw clarity how absurd life can be. During my deepest inner turmoils, I was feeling as if I was using the lens of a camera, zooming out and out and out again, to the point of seeing everything around me and all that I am as a stranger. And to the point of feeling like nothing was making any sense anymore. Many why questions. Zero answers. Or answers that always lead to more questions.

I hate feeling this. It feels unsolvable. And we know being in the action, in the experience is our salavation. But… immersing ourselves in life voluntarily sometimes feels like fooling ourselves concsiously. As if we accepted to ignore the bigger perspective, the bigger questions, the bigger… meaning? I don’t think I’ll ever grieve the impossibility to have all the answers I want during a lifetime. Honestly, I admire so much the ones who are able to not dive into all of this. They know a peace of heart that I wish I knew a little more.

I hope you will keep seeking meaning in your own existence, and never live only an occupational life. You have a great understanding of others, and an incredible amount of empathy. One that is true and doesn’t seek rewards. It can serve a purpose, one that would be deeply tied to your beautiful spirit. An existential crisis can be a gift in disguise, if we keep pushing through and seek harmony between thinking, doing, and feeling. :hrtlegolove:


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