Well it happened again (cw talks of a shooting)

I try to keep my posts fairly separate of my politics mostly cuz Its not something that needs to be shared here but anyway a 27 yr old just shot up a gay bar and drag queen event and I’m devastated I just want others here who are queer to know your not alone in this pain and that unless you a actual monster there are people in the queer community who will look out for you we keep each other safe we are a family a big dysfunctional one but we are a family stay safe out there keep your loved ones close keep your friends close and remember we keep us safe I love you all and just want u to know that <3



Cristy, Thank you for speaking up and offering support to others who may be feeling especially vulnerable right now. This is a strong and healthy response to the shooting. Until we as a society get to the point where shootings at schools and bars and offices and shopping malls are a thing of the past, we must vigorously join our voices in strong and public support of one another. Until we mourn the deaths of queers as much as we mourn the deaths of school children, we must speak up and affirm the worth and dignity of all. I am not a member of your community, but I add my voice to yours and appreciate your post.

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Thank you @Derpplup for taking the time to share such a kind and heartfelt message. I just read about the news in US and it’s absolutely heartbreaking to see that violence, ignorance and fear keeps taking life for nothing. There’s absolutely no word. You are right though: love prevails, and that is probably one of the most powerful reminder that people need right now. I hope you take care of yourself and make sure to process what happened at your own pace. You are loved dearly. :hrtlegolove:

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