What a bunch of liars T_T

chile just found out that when i left the server no one really was bothered and :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v:t5: yeah

but uh while i wasnt in the server i did keep in touch with two other people who were in there. one was a really really close friend and the other was just some chic who i got along with like a lot so uh i re read my texts from my close friend and she kept saying stuff like “we miss you so much” and “i cant wait until you get back, everyone was so shocked when you left” and stuff like that. uh some other friends from the server said stuff like that too but we didnt really talk at all lol. i really wanted to believe that ppl actually cared about me and i soon did believe it only to find it was a lie. i wouldnt be so bothered by it if everyone i start trusting and opening up to didnt lie to me :joy_cat: sucks man, sucks a lot

sry you had to read that paragraph with horrible grammar and stuff, i hope you guys have a great day tho!!!

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I’m confused – it sounds like there are at least some people who care about you…this friend of yours seems genuine, and like they’re going out of their way to try to reach out to you and tell you that you mattered to them (and supposedly to others as well). Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the situation, but even if it feels like most people don’t miss you, it does seem like there are some who do. And that love is worth acknowledging and receiving!

So why did you leave the server? Was it because you don’t want to be there? Were you doing it for yourself? Or is it that you wanted to prove how these people feel about you? One of the reasons you would want to leave somewhere like that is if it’s not doing anything for you; maybe the people are causing you to feel uncertain about yourself, or maybe you don’t talk to others and it makes you feel alone or bad about where you are in your life. I know I don’t know you and I know I don’t know why you left the server, and maybe I’m not getting what you really meant out of your post, but the vibes I’m getting in your post makes me think you wanted to prove how the others felt about you. I mean, I know I could be completely wrong. Maybe your friend sent these messages to you when they were unwelcome. I’m sorry if I’m wrong, but that’s what I’m getting out of what I’m reading.

Let me tell you something. I recently deleted my discord account. I really only talked to one person who, in the last five months I was there, only messaged me one time and basically told me to keep talking to myself that one time I was messaged. My anxiety caused me to clam up and I couldn’t talk to anyone. The people I did occasionally message have no idea how hard it was for me. I ended up telling myself (quite frequently) I was stupid for hoping someone… anyone… would talk to me, even though not many people even knew I was there, and most of the ones who did know didn’t seem to care. But you know, I’m glad I left because I feel so much better knowing that that particular social media platform is not in my life anymore. I don’t wonder why the few people I talked to didn’t want to talk to me. I’m not constantly telling myself I’m stupid to hope because no one cares enough to talk to me on a semi-regular basis.

Everything you do in life needs to be about making sure you’re ok and it needs to be for your better health. You know what they say. You need to take care of yourself before you can take care
of anyone else. I mean, yeah it hurts when no one seems to miss you, but if you did it for yourself, you’re much more likely to come to terms with it. If you left because you wanted to know how those people felt, then it’s no wonder that your feeling so crappy about going back.

I’m sorry that you feel like no one cared for you. As Nate said, it sounds like your friend did care to keep in touch with you, although she could have done it a better way. I know it feels like everyone lies, but there are a lot of good people in the world who tell the truth, no matter how uncomfortable the truth may be. All good things take time. Just keep looking and you’ll eventually find someone.

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