What do you do when you don't want to live anymore but you're not strong enough to take your own life?

I’m no worthy and that’s definite. I can’t stand me anymore. But I’m so worthless that I can’t even bring myself to put an end to it. I’m so tired. I’m pregnant and I’d never do anything to hurt this baby, but she deserves better than me. Anyone does, I don’t know what to do.

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Hi @Ivy,

You are not worthless, friend. Not at all. And you are so loved. But I understand your struggle and how it could be difficult to see it for the moment. I am sorry you feel like this. It really hurts, and you don’t deserve this.

To answer to your question, in this situation, when you feel vulnerable, the best thing to do is to treat yourself with love, kindness and not to deal with this alone. Sometimes it can help to focus on something else, something you appreciate and remains safe for you. You did a first step by coming here and posting. Thank you so much. :heart:

I hope you are safe right now and you were able to get some rest since you posted this message. I am glad you are here. And your child will be glad too, because you are going to be a wonderful mom. You don’t deserve to hurt yourself, and not doing it isn’t making you weak. It is a proof of how strong you are because you are fighting. Please, if you think your thoughts are spiraling sometimes, and if you know someone you trust, do not hesitate to reach out to them. This community is here for you and it would also be great to know that you are receiving support in your life. There can be people who would like to be here for you, and sometimes the hardest part is to talk to them and ask for some help. But in any case, we are here for you too, and you are not alone.

What is definite is the fact you have worth and value. There is nothing in this world that could change it as a matter of fact. Not any event that could happen in your life, not because of what others say or how you see yourself. You are a unique person, whatever you are going through, and you matter.

Sending much love your way. :heart:

I hope you are okay!

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You must keep pushing forward @Ivy. Don’t believe those negative thoughts. I get thoughts of feeling worthless sometimes and I try to consciously find something positive to think, in contrast to it. It’s hard sometimes of course. Having a few positive, understanding, empathetic people to talk to helps a lot.

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