"What Got Us Here Won't Get Us There"

Hello all, I’ve truly enjoyed the time that I’ve had here to try and support those of you who may be struggling or those who are celebrating success. I’m blessed to have been accepted by this wonderful community.

I’ve written a couple times in the past about how I struggle with a rare genetic condition and how it has affected me physically, mentally, and emotionally over the course of my young life. Well, I’m beginning to grow more suspicious that there is much more wrong with me physically and it’s caused me to take an even greater step back to try and gain a fuller perspective of my mortality and how frail it may actually be. I’ve made an appointment with my doctor for this coming week, and I hope I have the strength in the moment to ask the questions that have plagued my mind over the past few weeks and have sent me to bed with a racing heartbeat night after night.

The outcome, whatever it may be eventually, has become irrelevant to me. What lingers in my mind and in my heart is the thought of my loved ones; at this point, all I want to do is to continue to carry on and prepare for when they will need me. I want to continue to do as much good as I can in this world with whatever amount of time I have, however long or short that may be. I just want to know that I won’t let fear or hopelessness drag me from the person I want to become.

I don’t have any sort of specific reason for writing this today, but Heart Support seems to have the ability to contribute some sort of positive encouragement no matter what. I’m working on becoming more active here, I appreciate everyone here, and thank you so much for reading.

“These days are dark, filled with heavy clouds, pouring on me (pouring on me), I’ll keep giving while you keep taking, as my trust in you is breaking”

  • Broken Promises, August Burns Red

Hey Adam,

Thank you for sharing this. I know it was more of an update and just your thoughts in general, but I really appreciate it.

I’m so glad that HeartSupport has had such a positive impact on your life, that’s truly what we aim to do. I hope you know that whatever the results of the tests the doctors run Or the answers to your questions that we will always be a community that is here for you and here to love and support you. And I hope you continue to get more and more involved with this community!

I’m not sure if you’re Christian or religious at all, but I will be praying for you and your family and the upcoming doctors appointment. I pray that God protects you and gives you strength and endurance through the hard times you’ve been facing. I pray he calms the thoughts you’re having and that you get answers to your questions.

Keep up the amazing work.


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