What is everyone doing?

I understand that everyone here has a good heart and reaching out to people to help them with there problems.

But at the same I feel the majority of the people who are helping have equal or greater issues. If you are gonna come across as a person of integrity to help others how can you expect to do that when you haven’t even helped yourself with your own problems lol.

It’s almost as if you’re coming across as a hypocrite.

The people who do have problems should step aside from trying to help because I feel like all you’re doing is going in circles by delivering inaccurate advice and in the end nothing is resolved. Because if you haven’t obtained answers to problems such as yours then you don’t have the integrity to help someone else.


Hi friend.
Everyone in this community is going through something. The point of this community is to help EACH OTHER and to encourage EACH OTHER. We all have problems. The point of all of this is so we don’t have to face our demons alone.
Sometimes people can’t put aside their time to deal with their problems by themselves. Sometimes it takes a community to help. And that’s okay. That’s why we’re here. We all love each other in this community and care deeply about each other. We look out for each other and help each other out. We do this because it can be really hard to deal with all of this alone. So if we share or give advice to someone, it’s helping both people out. :heart:

Sometimes, the best help I found was from people who were still working through their issues. It was like their advice and guidance was fresh.

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I see where you’re coming from. Everyone has their own thing. Everyone at some point has overcome issues in their lives as well. I personally browse around and if I come across someone who’s going through an issue that’s relatable, I comment. Sometimes I’ll find someone struggling with something that I’ve dealt with and overcome in the past. It’s nice to be able to offer my insight in hopes that it helps them. I feel like empathy is huge in this setting. Most of the time, problems are easier to solve when there’s more than one person trying to solve it. Isn’t that the whole point of this platform? Asking for help while also offering your thoughts and experience.

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I thought that this was the place to do that. I was under the assumption that we are all here because we are struggling with something.
I am not saying you are wrong because there is a lot of truth in what you say. However, this personally takes a stab at my ego because I am have deep issues that I need to work on yet I am overly willing to help others. This stems from many things in my life but at the very least, I have the personality of a caretaker. I am the oldest of 6 siblings- and saying that actually does no justice to the amount of sacrifice I had to give to care for them- and was the result of a teenage pregnancy. I only know how to care for others yet deeply struggle with taking care of myself. The dialogue in my head can get crazy negative, it spirals, I get so lost and confused and almost forget everything I know… or at least it feels that way. This doesn’t mean I am a hypocrite when I help my sister learn how to transition into independence or when my brother self harms. To me, their problems don’t even scratch the surface of my pain but that doesn’t make them feel the pain any less. One of my greatest teachers in life was my grandmother, she unfortunately couldn’t get a grip on her addiction and has since passed away yet I never think twice about the advice she has given me because it was real and genuine and it saved my life.
Sometimes you do know all of the answers to your problems, you just need a helping hand of learning how to apply them. To which I would like to thank you for your post because you are right, I do need to spend more effort taking care of my own personal problems. I am also strong enough to allow myself to believe that my voice matters, whether I am “cured of my problems” or not.

I can absolutely see where you are coming from. It makes sense. I didn’t post here for so long and I kept putting it off because I figured I am struggling so much with my depression, anxiety, and chronic pain: how can I possibly be of any use or help to anyone else?

Then I realized it’s not about being an “expert.” It’s about love and showing others they are valued and cared for. Most importantly, none of us are alone. We can truly have each other to support us when we need it and also show support for those in their darkest moments. It took me a while to realize that but now I get it.

Thanks for sharing and for being open and honest. I am grateful and glad you are here! You are wonderful just as you are! Stay strong my friend! :slight_smile:

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You’re right we all have problems and so do I

But it’s not to the extent where I’m suffering and want to kill myself.

I wouldn’t want someone suicidal to give me advice lol and neither would you I think.

And nobody has to be experts either.

I know some people may think I’m coming across as rude but I’m just being honest even if the rude aspect come across it has to be said.

It’s great that you want to show love towards others but if you’re suffering from depression or something then what you could be sharing could not be helpful.