What is my problem?

For some reason I can’t get over my past. I worked at this job through my 20s. I was told I wouldn’t make it far in life. Every mistake was thrown in my face. Friends talked shit behind my back but we’re cool to my face. When I decided to leave that place after 10 years I was a very broken person who believed I couldn’t be good at anything and I couldn’t trust anyone anymore. I have a better job now and I feel like a normal person for once but I can’t seem to stop thinking about my other job and all the friends that hurt me. Every single day I think about it and it ruins my day. Life is good now but I’m always looking behind me. Someone plz give me some tips to help move on!!! N


Omg. Same, I lost alot of people when I moved jobs, lots of those “friends” and from time to time I think about it, and just know I’m better off now. I want to forget my past butit’s hard. Guess we gotta know how better we have it now

I can somewhat relate to that too.
I had to leave a bunch of people behind in several situations…
In my experience it was too bad for my “friends” because they miss out on my life now and who I’ve become (sounds stupid, I know).
But I know it’s hard, and you’re not alone in this.
We love you here and we care about you.

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