What is the point?

What is the point? I lost many friendships all of my life, and none of them didn’t stick with me as I thought they were. I am going to lose more. I pray to God to bless them, but I don’t understand why they had done. looks like I am going go through depression, acedia, anger, sadness, loneliness, betrayal, all over again. Damn it! I hate this! Nothing goes my way! What am I suppose to learn!? What is it?!

Something I’ve learned in life is that friendships come and go. Some because they just didn’t work out, some because sadly people are hurtful, others wasn’t really anyone’s faults. It just happened as we grew into our own lives and relationships. It’s natural. I’ve kept a few good friends over the years but there are also several that I have always cared for but we just don’t talk often. I see and follow them on social media, but you know, it’s so normal for life to happen and it’s hard to keep up with everyone. So you tend to after a while, keep a close knit circle and just kinda passively be connected to others.

And sometimes we realize some friends aren’t very good and we have to filter for healthier ones. To protect ourselves and surround ourselves with positivity and people who bring us up.

I’m sorry you have been dealing with loss of friendship and disconnect. I know how lonely and hard it can be at times.

I know it doesn’t feel good right now. And it sucks. Feels awful. Frustrating. But we do grow, learn and become stronger through our relationships. Both through those that fail and succeed. We learn how to better improve ourselves, we learn to recognize what we need from our relationships, we learn through our mistakes and our experiences. In the end you will be stronger for it. Doesn’t always seem like it right away.

I’m sorry you are hurting. But know you are important and valued. And your feelings are valid.

Hold fast my friend.

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Thank you. :relieved:

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Hey there AVJR

First off, thank you for teaching me a new word (acedia). :3

If you believe there is a good then I believe you already know deep down that there is purpose in life. Life is hard, but don’t let yourself develop a victim mentality (I fell into that trap: it just makes things so much worse). Without competition, there is no progression . Without adversity, we cannot grow and become stronger as people.

People will come and go in life, its simply a fact. Sometimes the people we think will stay with us till the end are the first to stab us in the back. Sometimes we are the betrayers and deceivers without realizing it. Don’t let the fear of betrayal prevent you from trying to build new relationships (because that will just compound the loneliness). That being said, I am sure you have learned from past experiences when to guard your heart.

Stay strong. You and I are both in similar places but we will get by.

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Thank you.