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What should i do please help

Hi right now im at a very confused point because I don’t know what to do so
I recently came out to my best freind and she was doing all the supportive stuff but then she just left me she has not spoken to me or anything she never does this so i find it strange and i might be overthinking stuff but im worried if she will ever speak to me again please give me your opinon on this


Hey @Kalli,

Welcome and thank you for being here! :hrtlegolove:

please give me your opinon on this

It would be hard to give an opinion as no one here knows your friend better than you do. Besides the fact that you recently came out to her - that apparently didn’t change anything for her, which is awesome! - did anything happened recently that makes you believe she wouldn’t speak to you again?

I understand your fear though. This discussion was probably scary for you and seeing your friend having a different behavior can trigger a fear of being left alone/rejected. But maybe her silence is not related to you at all and she just needs some time away for different reasons. At this point, the best way to know what’s going on would be to try to contact her - is that possible for you? Like just asking for some updates and checking in on her whenever she feels okay to message you back. :heart:

Well nothing happend befor i came out i have been massaging her but she wont respond i guess i will wait a couple more days and see what will happen anyway thanks for your responce i helped me think about it more logically

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