What should I do With this situation?

Hi there! I hope that you are doing okay :hugs:

Well, if someone have readed my old post, they would know that in the past I was in a bad situation with one of my classmates(I considered her as a friend in the past) and that situation make have some bad thinking about myself for some time.

The thing is that I am better know, thanks for not seeing her for a very long time, thanks for the Heartsupport amaizing people and for the people around me. But when the class started again, one day I was talking to one of my classmates and I saw her entering in class and because I knew she have to pass in front of me to sit in her place, I say her “Hi” to be polite and her answer was to pass in front of me and to sit in her place without saying hello and without looking at me.

And the problem is that this weekend is her birthday, one friend have told me that I should say to her "happy birthday " by social media.

And I know that the reason he told me that is because I would be polite by doing that. But after she ignored me when I said “Hi” one week ago, I dont know if I want to wish her “happy birthday”.

And I dont know if I should dont wish her happy birthday and never try to speak to her and move on, wish her happy birthday and then never try to talk to her again…I really dont know what to do.

Have a good day and thank you :hugs:.

With love, Maisnow🤍

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Hey @Maisnow

I am glad you are feeling better recently and have found some support from the people here at Heartsupport. Being in a bad situation with a classmate that you see everyday is hard since sometimes you tend to fear or avoid interactions with them so what you did saying “hi” was very respectful.

Wish her a Happy Birthday if you want to as a courtesy and keep on being kind to her, if there is any issue or she says to stop then that is your sign to disengage with interactions with her.

Hope this helps


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It costs you nothing to wish someone a happy birthday on social media. It’s something free and easy you can do to reach out. Maybe it’ll brighten her day, maybe it’ll open some kind of dialogue, or maybe it will do nothing, but it’s a kind gesture that doesn’t drain you of anything. If she doesn’t respond, then you can move on comfortably knowing that the last thing you said to her was friendly and kind.

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@blacklink13x and @SheetMetalHead thanks to both of you :hugs: your words helped :raised_hands: Finally I will going to do what you have tell me and I will tell her “Happy birthday” and even if things doesnt get better after that or she didnt answer me, at least I will finally move on :hugs:

Thanks again and have a good day :hugs:


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