What's the meaning of life?

Hello guys…
It’s my first time doing this, but I want to vent…
My name is Daniel and I’m 25 years old.

First of all, I want to say that I’m still learning English (I’m from Brazil), and you guys will probably find some mistakes here.
Lately, I have been feeling that life is meaningless. I have been thinking a lot about death (more often now after my grandma’s death) and I can’t feel happiness without reminding myself that I one day I’m going to die, and immediately I start to feel sad and depressed. It’s become more and more often that kind of thinking.
I live in an unsafe place and every day I get scared to even leave home. I started to stay at home every weekend to avoid problems.
I wanna feel happy, I want to have hope and say that life is good again…

I don’t know what I have to do get away from this. Go to church? Meet new people? Find a psychologist?

Last but not least, cross your fingers for me so that one day I will go to an ABR show (It’s the biggest dream of my life…)


@Lufis You’re so awesome! Thank you for sharing that. Your question to “what’s the meaning of life” is a big one. I had an interesting experience with that. I was walking across my college campus one time and I heard in my mind/heart, “What’s the definition of life?” I believed it was God asking me. Throughout the week I kept hearing that same question, “What’s the definition of life?” I wasn’t sure how to answer. But then one day I found myself reading in my Bible, in John chapter 17. I got to verse 3, and here’s what it said:

“Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.”

I knew that the answer came right in front of me when I read that. I believe in God, and I believe that he was asking me that question all week to show me what life really is. And it’s to know him. Not just know about him, but to actually know him. God wants to be your friend. He wants to be your companion in life. He wants to be your Dad, and for you to be his son.

He’s a good friend who never leaves. He listens to you and helps you. He never leaves. And he’s a good Dad, a perfect one. He thinks you’re amazing. He brought you into this world thinking that the world would be better with you in it.

After you die, he wants you to be with him forever. There will be no more pain, and complete happiness and fulfillment. “Death” is just moving on from this world. If we don’t know God then we will be apart from him, but if we do know him then we will be move on and be with him forever, and where God is, there is everything good.

Even in the Bible the book of Ecclesiastes says over and over that “everything is meaningless”. That’s when you look at life without God in it. But with God everything has meaning! :smiley:

I visited Brazil too in 2012 and loved it there! I was staying in Campinas. I’ll also pray that you get to go to an ABR show!

I would say pray to God and he will show himself to you. If you have a Bible (if not just download the Bible app for free) I would recommend reading in the book of John and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what it means. And he will. It may not make complete sense right away, but something will change in your heart and you will start to experience meaning in life. You will see how Jesus lived as a human like us and faced all the struggles but didn’t mess up, and how he loved people like us. Because he really does love you.

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I understand. We are here for you. I’ve had those thoughts before thinking about about death. It’s not a fun place to be in. Give yourself permission to compliment yourself. Find a positive distraction to help refocus your thoughts. Like reading a book or watch a movie

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Hi Daniel,
I’m sorry for your loss, I to lost my Grandma a little over a year ago and I know how hard it can be to cope afterwards. I also find myself thinking about death quite often and when I catch my mind drifting to the topic of death I usually try to redirect. I’ll put on a movie or work on a story I’m writing or I’ll listen to some music, pretty much anything to pull my train of thought in a different direction. It’s not always easy to redirect your thoughts but it’s worth a shot right?
If you’re willing to try going to church, I think it could really help you come to terms with the thought of death and learning more about it might make it easier to cope with and make it seem a little less scary.
If fear and anxiety is controlling your life I would definatly recommend seeing a psychologist or a therapist if that’s something you’re willing to do as they can try and get to the bottom of things and figure out what the root of your fears are and they can suggest coping mechanisms.
Hope this helps!

You’re stronger then you know!

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Have you thought about moving from where you live? maybe to another place where you can be more at ease. i am very sorry for your loss of your grandmother I offer my condolences to you. I understand where your coming from. I wish you the best in everything.

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A huge thanks to you guys! In fact I discovered that I have to do something instead of letting this thoughts stay in my head. I’ve been looking for ways to stop this and to keep my head busy is really the best way to avoid this.

Thanks @euangelion @Mrsyn, @LaceyBugg and @ranma1983 <3

@ranma1983 Yes man. Actually I have been saving money and studying English to move to Canada. I don’t think that I belong to this place that I live. I’m too afraid even to leave home.
I have never been abroad before but I know nevertheless that I will be happier than now.

@euangelion I’ve never gone to Campinas haha. Thank you man! I know that some day I will be there in front of Jake Luhrs <3

@LaceyBugg I’m thinking about go to Church and figure out if it can help me. I have my faiths but I’m not sure about God yet…I don’t think that I want to belong to a religion… Thank you for your condolences. It’s really hard to cope with.

Again, thank you guys… You’re awsome!

Hey everyone :slight_smile:
I was recently reminded by HS about this post and OMG what a feeling!
4 years passed by and A LOT changed.
I am not going to talk about everything now, just NEED to say that:

I had the chance to meet and talk with Matt, he’s so kind! Couldn’t believe it was all real.
Sang every single word along with Jake. I’ll never forget that day.

I am not living in Brazil anymore by day way, a couple of months after I posted this, I got a job opportunity that required me to move to Portugal. I’ve been living here since. It’s been amazing in many points and not that great in others (basically it’s not that easy to live in a place where everyone treats you as different just because you weren’t born there plus the fact I have no family here).

Bought a house.
Met an incredibly person that is now sharing the same roof with me <3

With that being said, I still have from time to time these thoughts I mentioned about… The difference is that now I know how to talk about them and replace with better things instead.

Just want to say that you all that replied this message years ago.
And thanks HS for letting me revisit this!

<3 love you all


Hey @Lufis,

Thank you for sharing such wholesome updates! My goodness. Such a huge smile to see that on your profile was written “(…) my biggest dream is to go to an ABR show.” and that freaking happened!! YES :partying_face:

But on top of that, just look at you! All the growth, all the accomplishments, all the steps taken. Having moved to a different country (not as much distance as you between Brasil and Portugal), I feel for the challenges you have encountered - and keep facing. What a brave move and decision you took though. Hope you can look at yourself with a sense of pride today.

So happy for you. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Know the door is always open on this forum, whenever you need - through the good and bad. Keep being your awesome self! <3

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Wow - what an incredible update, Lufis. Thank you so much for letting us celebrate with you - to be in a place where the troubles may come, but you are capable and strong to handle them in healthy ways…brilliant…and that your life is full of love and music and relationships and joy. Couldn’t have asked for a better update


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