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When I used to go to therapy, I was always worried that they’d try to section me; so I would often hold back. I think that a lot of people won’t go to therapy for that reason. The therapist can just snap their finger and send you to the crazy house against your will. I’ve heard some real horror stories. I think that therapists being able to do that hurts more than it helps.


Yeah, it’s hard to trust in your most vulnerable places, right? It’s such a chicken-and-the-egg thing. To get better, you have to open up, but when you do, you give someone else power over you - the opportunity to snap their fingers and make your life hard, or make it hell - or also, make it better. It’s hard to know which type of situation you’re in until you’re there, and it’s hard to trust when you haven’t got a lot of good reasons to do so. So you trust where you can, but you also can’t really tell whether or not it’s going to help you get better fast enough for it to feel worth it. It honestly just feels like you can mind-fuck yourself out of the situation. It’s hard to land somewhere and feel like you can really hang your hat on it. So you do your best, but it’s hard to feel like it’s enough. Makes a lot of sense. If you don’t go to therapy now, what’ve you replaced it with that’s helping you continue progress today? Thank you for writing in.

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Therapy can be a scary thing for someone to try. And, sure, there are plenty of horror stories about any given topic. I had to experience a few tough therapy sessions before I found the right person. I hope that if you’re currently contemplating therapy that you’ll give it a try if you’re able to. Wishing you all the best, friend.

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Sorry if you have met some bad apples, or had bad experiences in therapy. I have had mixed experience with mental health professionals myself, but I think it is important to not that once I found the ones that worked for me. There was always a sense of trust, and ability to recognize they have my best interest in mind. Not all professionals are right for all people, and some are better at their jobs then others. Regardless of this, I think that the majority of times a therapist intervenes in some ones life. It is out of a Genuine concern that they might be in danger.

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Indeed, a lot of of people fear the power that a therapist can have when it comes to potentially making decisions for you. It’s something that changes completely from one country to another, and I don’t know how it is where you live, but it is true that too often something that prevents people to seek therapeutic help is the question “what is going to happen if I open up?”. It’s already scary in itself to share what’s on your heart - it makes you feel turly exposed and vulnerable -, so on top of it not knowing enough how involuntary admissions work is just frightening. It makes completely sense that this fear has been part of your own experience too. The fear of consequences was one of the reasons why I reframed from seeking therapy for years. On one side, information regarding psychiatric admissions processes are not shared and known enough. On the other side, the very act of sharing how we feel/what we think/what we do is something many of us have to learn as something safe to do. I hope that, today, whether it is with therapy or not, you have found ways to gain this sense of safety in your life. Because sharing how you feel and what you go through is never a mistake, and should never be something to fear. <3