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When I was at that rock bottom place, I didn’t know where things were headed. I just anchored in knowing that I had to keep going. The complexities of life have opened my eyes in ways I could’ve never imagined, and with my love for fitness guiding the way and keeping me alive.

Although the hardships have been tougher than I can put into words, there’s more growth that comes from real life experience than people realize.

We complain about hardships rather than seeing them as necessary steps to grow and succeed. Looking back on it all, I feel so blessed and grateful to be where I am now and it couldn’t have happened if I didn’t go through those tough times.


This is so inspirational to hear. It’s easy to let the weight of our burdens keep us down. To allow them to be an excuse to never heal or grow. I know the pain of having to rip open the wounds so that growth from underneath can surface. I think everyone in some way can relate to that.

Thank you for sharing this here and for being an encouragement that strength can be found when you don’t think it’s possible


Thank you for sharing this, fitness is a great way to cope. when you find yourself on the bottom and have something
found that keeps you going on, this can be so strong.
thank you again for sharing. look at what you achieved and where you come from, you can be proud of yourself.
take a moment for yourself, you deserve that. you are loved and you matter most :purple_heart:


From: eloquentpetrichor

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your journey with us. So many people have found fitness to help them progress and heal in life and I’m so glad that you have as well. You’re outlook on the hardships you’ve had in life and seeing them as stepping stones is wonderful and heartwarming and this was just a lovely post to read. Keep swimming :hrtlegolove:


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, Thank you for such beautiful words, I am sorry that you hit rock bottom but I guess when you finally get there you only then have one way to go and you certainly went there and you kept climbing and the fact that you can now look at what you have achieved and be proud and share that is just wonderful and a joyful lesson for others. Thank you again. Lisa. x

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From: Microsmos

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your personal experiences, especially as this can be comforting and bring inspiration to many of us here. There is hope, not as something that happens randomly, but as a unique life experience that conquers the toughest obstacles. There is no doubt that, to get to the point of putting your experiences into words like this, you’ve navigated through a long journey of healing, and continuously seek to learn more. Thank you for sharing your outlook. <3

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