Where do I go from here

So the other day I had surgery, and repaired my acl and meniscus. Recovery is going great except for one thing which is my mother who is helping take care of me, smothers me and makes me feel like I’m incapable of doing it on my own. I’ve asked her. Nicely to back down, gotten mad, the whole nine yards. I know she means well but her delivery Is off.

What’s up Bcrit?

I can relate when I had surgery. Know that your mom loves and cares about you and wants to make sure that you are okay. On the flip side it can be annoying because you are capable of taking care of yourself despite recovering and your mom is literally there all the time. Try talking to here and saying how you appreciate what she is doing for you but want her to not be on top of you all the time. If you need assistance going anywhere in the house ask the maybe she can be at a nearby distance so that if you need help she is still there or if you need help you can call out to her. Also explain how you would like her to go at your pace and move from there. Wishing you a speedy recovery. :slight_smile:


That’s family though. You love them and hate them. They help you and hurt you. They are humans as well. So overburdened or not only you know how to deal with family.

Been there (not the surgery part but the “Hey I can do it myself” and the “I know that they mean well” part.