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Why is life worth it?


I’ve tried so hard to keep living these past few days but I’m at a point ready to give up. I was high for the last 3 or 4 days. I dont know what to do. My family doesn’t try to help me. I feel like God has abandoned me. I just dont know anymore who is there for me.
Current song I’m listening to: burned out by dodie


I don’t know how much this means to you, but we are here for you. Thank you for posting here. We appreciate you and care about you.

I’m sorry you’re feeling this way, but you’re not alone. It’s okay to feel this kind of doubt. It’s okay and normal to feel like God has forsaken you and I get it. I heard a sermon recently on the book of Lamentations, which is all about that. It is a poetic piece that compiles a lot of “lamentations,” as it is called, which are basically expressions of grief mixed with doubts and questions directed at God. Questions like “why have you abandoned me” are no different from that and it’s okay to feel that way sometimes.

But this book gives hope, too. There is hope in Christ, even though faith in Him can be broken down and diminished by this world. There are a lot of things around that bring us down, but there are also many things that bring hope, the greatest of all being Christ. Though your story is unique, I feel you. I get it. But I promise you, there is hope. Please stick around so you can see it, and know it’s there even when you can’t.

God bless you. You will overcome this mountain. We all believe in you.