Why not to kill yourself

Someone at a lecture sent dr. Jordan Peterson a notice saying he or she was going to kill himself soon, and he basically stopped everything to just answer…

I am just going to leave this here for those who have the same thoughts as I once did, and like the sender of the message did. You are not alone. You are worth at least talking about it before you do it. If I had quit life when I wanted to, I wouldn’t have had a great acting career, I wouldn’t have written 14 books, and I wouldn’t be teaching children creative writing in my own time because schools don’t do that anymore around here. I matter because I held on, and I made my life matter. It’s an act of will to keep on keeping on. And I know like no other how deep that swampland of depression is, and some days I can still feel the sucking sand taking hold of my legs. Sometimes you’re just in too much pain, or emotionally down too deep, to even want to go on, and all you want is for the pain to stop. But I can tll you from first hand experience that the pain will stop. But it has to start with you talking about it. And if that person doesn’t want to listen, then go talk to someone else. Keep talking about it until you get the help you need, the help you DESERVE. But the first step has to come from you, and Heartsupport is a great first step to anonymously talk about it. You. Are. Not. Alone. Though it might feel that way, it isn’t true. Millions upon millions of people suffer like you do, in silence, but when you start talking about what spins your mind, you are on your way out of the mire, and your way to dry land.

Martin / ThatOldDutchGuy


Thanks for sharing. I’m sure this will bring some good motivation to many people around here

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Thank you for sharing this!

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Thanks for sharing this @thatolddutchguy1! :slight_smile: I also recommend checking out Clayton Jennings; he’s one of my favorite YouTubers regarding mental health awareness.

Thank you for sharing this. Guy really hits it on point.