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Why oh why do I continue


Why do I continue to make the same mistakes? Why do I continue to struggle with the same problems? Why do I continue to make things harder on myself?


Friend, I’m going through the exact same thing right now. My family tells me it’s like I cant learn and i don’t want to be someone who cant grow and become better. Find what you want and chase it. Don’t stop trying. I won’t stop trying, I will not let it go, for both of us. If we work hard, we can do it.
“May each sunrise hold more promise, and each sunset hold more peace.”


Drag Me To The Grave - Black Veil Brides


It’s fine to have problems. Everyone has problems it’s what you do about that counts. I can see that your already trying to fix your problems but you keep getting stuck are falling back into the same routines or habits. That’s really good keep going giving ups not gonna make them go away.” Why oh why do YOU continue”. Because deep down you know that you are strong enough to move mountains and tame the seas so to speak. You continue because you haven’t really given up. You not giving up knows that there are not always gonna be these problems and that I can deal with. Though be your wording it seems like your trying to fix these on ur own. Maybe because they are imbarassing or you don’t won’t people knowing you got a problem with this or that. Really it’s honorable what you are doing but something’s can’t be done by one person alone. I can’t lift a table off the ground all by myself but with someone’s help one can both lift it much easier. There come a point where you need to share your problems because it makes it easier for you to get through them. Just tell someone you trust. I know I was shit scared to tell anyone I was bisexual but it turned out to be the best thing I did.
I hope these problems will get better and easier for you but don’t forget where here to help. You can tell us about your problems and we won’t judge you.
I hope things get better for you :kissing_heart:


Thank you for taking the time to respond.


Bonus points for a good song recommendation :sunglasses:


Thank you for the encouragement.


All goods bro I believe in you😘




Great lyrics, thank you.