Why the heck would he say that?

guys I’m sitting here asking myself why my grandpa would ever say that my best guy friend may be a part of the KKK the terrorist hate group. My grandpa also said that where my friend lives (about a 2-hour drive from where i live) is and I quote, “kkk town, it’s one of their holes”. (I’m guessing by saying holes he means one of the towns where they carry out hate crimes of some sort), there’s, as far as i know, zero evidence of those things going on. Oh by the way not trying to be racist but i’m black and he’s white, i know not that any of that matters since most people are okay with racial mixing in friendships and all but i just thought that id mention it So why would my grandpa say something that serious?

i mentioned in my first post that I want to move out well i want to go to my friend’s area. Did my grandpa say that to scare me out of moving out? Does my grandpa want to stop me from seeking an in-person romantic relationship with this friend? idk but that’s why i came here much love,

I guess I don’t know enough about your grandpa or your friend to know. Do you know that area fairly well? I’m wondering if your grandpa had a bad experience there.

I don’t know I didn’t ask all that I was just completely shocked that he said it. Mikey (my guy friend) seems to like it he’s always busy so there seems to be a lot to do. Mikey has never mentioned feeling unsafe in the area at all, and he’s the type of guy that would tell me if something was wrong with the area especially if he thought things like hate group activities were being carried out . Even though we’ve never met in person Mikey just wants me to be happy and we both know I can’t do it if I stay in my area. There’s not a lot to do here for handicapped people which is a community I’m a part of, there’s zero disabled young adults on my block except for myself , so I am in my house 90% of the time. It has caused my depression and now more noticeable anxxiety to worsen in the past 2 years As for the asking my grandpa if he’s had bad experience there’s a strong possibility that he’ll yell at me he doesn’t wven know I posted this topic I can’t tell the people I live with about most of my true feelings. If I do try to share it starts a yelling match. I always lose my options about how they treat me and make me feel largely never get aknowleged. I feel as if they don’t view my true feelings about how my physical situation, the factif I say one thing to my sister that she doesn’t like she rips my head off, and the fact that I’m an adult but still am treated like I’m 5 years old. It almost makes me want to just attempt suicide but I’m never on my own long enough to try for reasons I explained in my fiest post. Which is a blessing of sorts I know but I’m fed up.

Dang, that’s frustrating. Well, I’m not great at advice, but I have to agree that it could be time for a change of scenery. Just make sure whatever you do, you have people around you who will look out for you. At least it sounds like your family does that, albeit not very well. I’m sorry they yell at you. That pisses me off!

It is super unfair and frustratingl and what sucks even worse is that my grandparents are in denial about the hurtful things they’ve said and if called out on it they will completely deny it. The same goes for my mom. I’m not crazy or lying about the things that they say.


There is only one reason i can imagine why a grandpa would say that. To protect you.
Maybe he just heard or experienced something really terrible there and just wants you to be safe.
I dont know how he said it and it what situation but maybe try to not take it as an accuse but more as a “i love you and be careful honey” kinda thing. (:slight_smile:
Sounds easier then it its but did you try talking to him again? maybe just ask him directly for his reasons (: none of us can know but he might help you see clearly what he is talking about

<3 Allie.

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