Will I ever be enough

I’ll never be enough for any one I feel like I’m useless why won’t any one love me for me in the end it always leads to another depressed night of cutting to feel better but even that isn’t working anymore

even Though coming from a dude who is also depressed right now, but I mean out of curiousity what made you come to that conclusion that you weren’t good enough?

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Ex told me I wasn’t enough my family as of late says it

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Hey Abby,
I’m so sorry to hear that, you are not useless, you are beautiful and amazing and strong. Posting on here and being open with people you may not know on a personal level can be really challenging, it takes a lot of courage to post on here.

Self harm is just a quick fix, it’s like putting a band aid on a wound that needs stitches; it won’t heal but it may help temporarily.

I know self harm is hard to stop but take one step at a time, I won’t say be positive and that tomorrow will be amazing because it’s probably not the truth, just have a day, put on some comfy clothes, chill out, take care of yourself and most importantly stay alive. It will get better. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, you’re just stuck in between. You are strong enough to overcome this!

Hold fast friend,
Luna :heart:

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Thanks I just feel so lost and hopeless

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Abby, I definitely know your pain, and what you’re going through.

Nearly all of 2017 was battled in a relationship where my ex told me things like “I hate you” “I wish I never met you” “You don’t make me happy” “I don’t know why I’m here” “You’re not good enough” and so much more. That’s on the better of things she said in those episodes.

Regardless, it was wrong, and full of lies. You’re valuable, and you have worth. Please try to remember that above everything else. I spent too long in this relationship that wasn’t good for me, but I know that I’m better off now and much happier. I found someone not too long after that restored my faith in relationships, because to be honest that bad one was a real eye opener.

Keep your head up, and know that you are worth so much more. Don’t believe the lies that some people will tell you.


Your ex and the people that tell you you’re worthless are the biggest losers in your life, just if you have ever tried talking to God I’d try it it works for people but it don’t work for me. God is this supposedly God of peace and understanding but I mean it’s hard to trust due to circumstances and how you feel, I use to share the Gospel because I believed people deserved a second chance to know life now, I don’t understand really anymore I believe God is real as in the creator for one, everything had to exist from one thing and it had to be intelligent.
You’re not worthless no matter what you feel, no matter what people say. You’re important to people I mean even me sure I don’t know you, Don’t give up on yourself so easily, because I’ve dated my ex who did cut herself she was my first I was going to break up with her because I was so scared. But then I realized she may have physical scars I’ve got emotional scars, so I stayed 2 and a half months later i broke up cause we went long distance and I felt so alone. And then she did everything she can the next summer to hurt me.
You are worth something to somebody, no matter what you think of yourself keep that in mind.