Will i ever find love again

im new here… so hello to all :slightly_smiling_face:

im a divorced 31yr old, and been single for the past 4 years (since the divorce)

after the divorced i found myself in meaningless and toxic “relationships” and amoungst people that didnt really care, or i could not really express myself with. my social circle was also lost when i split from my ex-wife.

ive been living alone since, and really struggle to go out and socialize. so my social-life is very non-existant which is a big thing for me, as i struggle to be alone.
ive been on and off online dating sites for the past 2yrs becos of little to no “matches”

i honestly feel my age is a factor and feel the older i get the more difficult it would be to find and fall in love again. i have a 5yr old daughter from my marriage who i have shared custody over and also feel that is also a factor, cos i feel no woman would want to come in when there is already a child in the picture.

as you can see that alot of these feelings are what i think of cos i live in my own head a lot and end up convincing myself i will never find love again, let alone meet someone.
some people say i always look angry or “negative” and unapproachable but its only becos im hiding my true feelings behind this face, feelings of lonliness and depression that has plagued me since the divorce.

i miss being in love, and would honestly like to marry someone again one day. i just dont want to be in my 40’s when that happens, as we all know, dating is a lot harder the older you get (in my opinion)

anyways, its good to let some of these feelings off my chest, i dont expect anyone to have any answers, and look forward to getting to know some of you in time… im all the way from South Africa, so connecting with people half way across the world, is something im looking forward too

much love to you all

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I know how you feel I have been in a few relationships but I believe that someone wants you and need you as much as you need them.just believe I know it’s hard we all have our hard times and our good times but it does not matter if you our with someone or not you can still be happy.


thank you Abi for your kind words… i will definately keep believing that one day my time will come, i just sometimes think it wont happen becos i dont really go out at all, and the only public place i really go to is the gym, but when i do im usually head down, headphones on :smiley:

but you so right when you said, we can still be happy even if we with someone or not, just hope i can share my happiness with someone.

thanks again for your reply, it means more to me than you will ever know :blush:

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My boyfriend has a 6 year old daughter, and that’s honestly one of the things I love most about him. I love that he’s a dad. The right person will accept you completely.
I know it’s hard not to go looking, but life is too short to be hoping and wishing for things that aren’t in front of you. Enjoy yourself, enjoy your daughter. I swear the person you are looking for, will come when you least expect it.