Will the abuse ever end?

My child’s father has a wife who has finally gone too far. She verbally attacked me during an exchange of my son. They parked far away from me, got my son to their vehicle so quickly I barely even got to say goodbye to him.

He approached me, I stated I did not want to discuss the recent topic at hand (I am only amenable to discussing my son with a mediator, which he refused to participate, so we don’t talk). He was going to let me go. After my son was in their vehicle, she came over (more like stomped over) to me and started accusing me of coaching my son to say bad things about his father. She didn’t stop there.

My ex would have let me be. He does tell slanderous lies about me, the things coming from her were definitely regurgitated from his lies. Having those things said to me from someone who literally has zero idea of who I am as a person … it was shocking. And traumatizing. But he would have let me be. He is a narcissist, but a careful one.

He even tried to get her to stop, and she didn’t.

There’s no reason for her to be involved or to even speak to me. She’s not a parent, I am. My ex is. She’s just the step mom, she’s not on any court documents, and has no place to speak to me.

The benefit of this interaction is I can request a police presence, and submit a motion to the court to forbid her from being at exchanges.

The traumatizing feeling from this is from hearing his lies come out of her mouth. It was … beyond terrible. I was mostly speechless. All I could do at the end was scream at her to stop talking to me, to not talk to me like that. I was being eviscerated by complete falsehoods, and personal insults about my body that had zero to do with my son it what my ex was originally trying to talk to me about.

I’m still in shock.

Will his abuse ever end? Now he has his wife abusing me. Why is this happening to me. I have never done anything to her, and yet any time a disagreement happens, she goes to personal insults. She doesn’t even need to be talking to me.

When will the abuse end. :pensive:


Hey @serendipity

Thank you for sharing on here with our community.

I wish I had all the answers you are looking for, but I don’t. It sounds like you are an amazing mother and nothing can take that away from you, not even this woman.

My only encouragement for you is to remember the truth about the situation. This person is spreading lies, and that’s what they are. Lies. Nothing more. Nothing less. Identify the truth that isn’t being shared and remind yourself of those.

Surround yourself with people who love and support you and can combat those lies being spread. I don’t know when this will end, but I know it can’t last forever.

Keep fighting for what’s true and don’t give up. Trust yourself. We believe in you.

Hold fast.

I don’t have anyone. It’s just me. I can’t even afford my own place to live. I’m a failure in every possible way. I don’t have anyone.

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