WMHD Fan #11

My country Ecuador is blowing in pieces. People are hurting me too psychologically. I can’t handle the pain.

My brother, I cannot imagine the pain psychologically. It is sad that so many people are being terrorized for drugs, water and even avocados!

Know this my friend, you are loved. All around the world there is people who love you and dont even know you! This is one of them! I’ve struggled with some psychological pain through years of addiction and tormented by the physicality of it.

I can relate but I cannot imagine how deep it must go.

Thank you for reaching out. If I can do something to help you may it be my love for you and may it be the love that god has for you. Things get worse befoe they get better. Once on a road of healing and self discovery you will find the light.

Hopeless is the best thing to find willingness to change. Maybe a geographical change is needed?