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Nobody see the effort we’re doing at my church and they keep telling us horrible things. I am a Pastors child and it’s making me feel so much axiety.

Hey there. I know it is tough to put in all of this effort into things, only to hear negativity. Although people may not be able to see the effort you’re putting in, as long as you know it is what God is wanting you to do, that is all that matters. It may be difficult, but try to block out all of the noise and what people are saying. Find assurance that what you are doing is seen by God and He is proud that you are putting in the effort.

If the anxiety is getting too much to bear, I would recommend talking with someone to help you through that. Living with anxiety is no fun. Keep your head up high and keep putting in the effort for it will not be in vain.

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Hey there, thanks for sharing this. I don’t know what terrible things they are telling you, but I pray that you can stay strong and that God will be at your side! I pray that your efforts at your church will be noticed and that God will lift you up for your serving heart.

HeartSupport is here to help support you when you feel like you’re overwhelmed. Don’t hesitate to reach out! Hang in there!

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