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Ever since I had my first meeting with a Psychiatrist last Thursday I feel like I am failing. Everything I do isn’t good enough for my Nana. She hasn’t been feeling well since September. Monday night I had my first breakdown in a while. Yesterday she got a little snippy with me and I said I was trying then she said I don’t want to hear that anymore. Monday night I had an accident. I have to use the bathroom on throwaway pads and she comes in then said that I wasn’t on the pad. If she found out that I am on here saying this, she would be upset. She saved me from a broken home. I’m 29 and disabled. I’ve been on here before.


Hey there. It can be really overwhelming to meet with a mental health professional for the first time - hopefully your feelings of failing are stemming from that and something you can meet with them about next time. Your Nana I’m sure loves you very much, it can be hard to see that when you’re on the receiving end of her frustration and lack of empathy for you. Therapy is difficult and sometimes brings up feelings you would rather not feel or even acknowledge. I hope it helps you work through things in your own head in a healthy and productive way. Would your Nana be willing to go to a joint session with you maybe? <3

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Thank you for sharing this. There is no need to feel bad for being hurt by someone, even if you care about them and are grateful for them. People close to us can still hurt us and it is valid to feel that hurt. While your Nana may be snippy with you, that does not mean that you are failing.

You are trying, like you said, and that is great! You are doing great and putting in effort like going to see the psychiatrist is going to help so much in the long run. Starting to see mental health professionals can sometimes unearth some feelings and throw us off balance for a bit while we start to work through things. I don’t know if that had anything to do with you feeling like you’re failing. But I’d like to remind you that you’re awesome and making progress :star: