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I’m clinically depressed and have an anxiety disorder so I was hoping to talk to a professional about that. Even when I feel like I kind of fit in my anxiety makes me feel like I don’t.

Way to give me my own blurb

Hey friend,

Sorry you got caught with the bug before we fixed it – shouldn’t give you your own topic anymore. But I am just now seeing your post and wanted to give you a response:

Really sucks that you’re in a place where you feel you don’t belong anywhere because of your anxiety. I can totally get that in my own life as well…it can be such a lonely experience to feel like there’s not a single place where you feel safe…in yourself. I feel like my anxiety tells me everywhere I am that I’m not enough, that people are better than me, that they’re judging me, that I’m going to do something wrong, and those thoughts can be SO isolating. Especially when you desperately want to fit in and belong and just have a place to breathe…but it feels like so often that’s not a luxury you get to have under the cloud of this anxiety. I am in counseling myself through HeartSupport’s partnership with BetterHelp, and my counselor, Rachel, is really helping me work through a lot of the tendrils of my struggles with anxiety…I’ve experienced a lot of freedom through my conversations with her, and I recommend trying it out! You can get on there and get a week of counseling for free…it’s at least worth a try! You have to sign up with a credit card, but you can cancel anytime after sign up and keep the week free. Best part is that if you get paired with a counselor you don’t like, you click two buttons and you’re with a new counselor…that’s what I did, and I found Rachel and have loved her ever since!! Definitely worth giving it a go…more info at heartsupport.com/betterhelp – I hope that resource can be helpful for you. If you’re depressed, we also have a free workbook on overcoming depression you can take advantage of: heartsupport.com/freedp …we’ll mail it to you wherever you are in the world totally free of charge to you no strings attached. Hopefully in all this, you feel the resounding message: you are not alone. And you’re not crazy. What you’re going through is super normal (I am / have gone through it too). And by sharing, we get the opportunity to realize we don’t have to do it alone. Thanks so much for sharing so that you can find that truth <3