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How do I flag this , trying to delete my account.

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Hello, love.
I just joined the community and I don’t know you. But I’ve felt this way before. I’m really sorry things aren’t going the best right now. Super happy for you for getting sober. I know it’s a really tough thing to do. And honestly you should be incredibly proud of yourself. I have many friends and family members who are still struggling with those demons and they’ve tried so many times to change and they still haven’t. Seeing that you’ve conquered such a horrible addiction should remind you that you’re a strong person. Right now you’re trying to adjust without drinking. I know it seems like all hope is lost but you’ve fought so hard to get to this point and you’re definitely not a failure. You’re a strong human who has gone through a lot and has beat their demons against all odds. You were able to beat your demons for a reason. You still have a purpose. You’re still here for a reason. Please remember that.


It’s so good to hear from you friend. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately and how I miss seeing you around. Which is why I reached out to you! <3 We were talking about ya the other day and just what a sweet person you are and how much we love you.

I totally get these feelings too, man. Really. I have been in a bit of my own funk lately. So I get it. Just know that if you ever need a friend to connect to, I am always a message away. I never mind connecting and talking.

I think sometimes deleting social media is super healthy. I have periods of time where I do that too. Because its just nice to take a break.

I hope you get feeling sweetheart. Don’t apologize. You having things going on doesn’t make you not good enough to be a leader. Even leaders have hardships. Even leaders have moments of weakness. Even leaders cry and struggle. So don’t fall into that mind set. Whats going on doesn’t make you incapable of those kinds of roles. Its okay to need some time for a while. <3

Love you, bud

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