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Work and mental illness

I couldn’t stop crying tonight. But I was the only person on my post tonight at work so I had to go in.

How do you call out of work when the reason you don’t feel good is because your depressed. “Hi, I’m sorry I can’t make it in today, I’m not feeling well” but I have no proof of what doesn’t feel well. No one can see it.

No one can see it yet it’s the most painful thing I’ve ever felt. My whole body hurts. Breathing becomes something I have to tell my mind to do repeatedly because I could care less if I stopped. Living becomes a chore and not a gift.

I can hear my brain screaming at the top of its lungs but I’m the only one who hears it. How is it so invisible but so real at the same time.

Just keep breathing I remind myself every 2 seconds.


I am in the same situation and all I use is that “I am not feeling well” or “I am not going to make it” I tired looking it up but I had no luck it looks like for me I will have to further my education or move on to something else but I have a “job hopping” work history


I have the same issue with the “job hopping”

The nature of your illness shouldn’t be your employer’s business. Stomach ache, fever, body aches due to depression…it doesn’t make a difference, you’re sick.

It’s so easy to feel guilty for calling in for depression. As I’ve gotten older and owned my mental illness, I’ve told my bosses I just need a day, but I’m also further along in my career. When it’s gotten worse, I’ve been honest with my bosses and told them I’m struggling with depression or burnout and need a week off. However, I have (and still do) worked through it too long so that it’s affected my work. I think it’s better to take the time off than to show up to work and be unproductive. The net result is the same, but by taking off you’re at least resting.

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Hi @Kyliene,

The HeartSupport Houston team responded to your post here. We hope our words and presence help and support you through this.

Hold Fast and lean on our community friend.

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