Working through Dwarf Planet

I’m working through Dwarf planet and I’m at the section where it says to reach out and talk to someone about my depression. To explain my reasons for feeling depressed. I feel depressed because I feel like everything is pointless. I’ve never felt like having goals in life was pointless before recently, but in my mind it seems like this is a moment of clarity, as opposed to a moment of weakness. I feel alone in that, it feel like I will be stuck in this mindset forever, never finding “happiness” and if I do then it will feel “not worth it”.

Hold on, it’ll come, dear friend. Things will be worth it. Keep that positive thought, even if it’s just a sliver of positivity

Thank you for the kind words

I’ve been feeling this way a lot too. All the little stuff seems so pointless when you look at the big picture. I’ve been desperately trying to find reason and meaning. I’ve asked so many people and it really comes down to finding your one thing. If you have one good thing to hold onto then it makes it so much easier. I don’t know if you’ve read “The Power of Now”, but that book is really good when you kind of find yourself stuck in this spot. You just have to shake yourself free by looking at a different perspective. I hope something helps you.

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