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Worst Luck in The World or Cursed

I don’t even know what I have to do at this point from all the issues I’ve been having. It’s so bad that I just laugh at everything as a coping mechanism/defense mechanism. It first started out a few months ago where I couldn’t work, for two months may I add, due to the cyber attack. Then just as I was about to return back to work, my oldest son had a positive covid test. We got through the quarantine with me working minimum hours and all four of us dying to get out of the house. Finally quarantine was over and we did get out of the house just to have my three year old son fracture his femur and receiving a semi-body cast. So now I took another break from my full time job and doing Doordash which we all know doesn’t pay like you wish it would. While doing DoorDash, I dropped my phone, which I’ve had for the longest and never really damaged before, and completely totaled the screen. I just need a vacation and a million dollars bonus for my troubles because I am tired!


Hi grandmastrqueen.
Thank you for sharing your troubles with us. It seems like you are having a long streak of bad luck. It must be exhausting. I know the situacion is hard but it will get better. Take some time for yourself and try to gain strenght. Dont wait for the good things to happen but try to seek them out. Try to make room for the small things you enjoy. No matter how crazy the world around you gets try to take a part of it and make it yours. Something that is just for you. Like a TV Series you like or a book you enjoy reading. When my brother had exams and his day consisted literally of nothing else but sleeping, eating and studying for more than a month, he decided to watch one episode of his favourite Tv series before sleep every day. This was his 45 minutes that he had control over and enjoyed them no matter what. Try to do something similar and your days will be better, I can tell that much.

I sincerely wish you luck. You need it.


hi @grandmastrqueen ,

thank you for being so vulnerable in your struggles of being a parent in a pandemic. you are not alone in finding yourself in a horrible cycle of having one bad thing follow the next bad thing until you sort of… break down or find yourself laughing to cope. i always feel so heavy with emotions during those times and hope you are able to take care of yourself in the moments you have between being a parent and a doordash driver.

thank you though for being an admirable and caring parent with the sacrifices you’re making to take care of your family. it’s not easy in the slightest but i will be hoping with everything i got that you’ll be able to enjoy some vacation time in the near future or at least some well-deserved time to yourself.



Hi @grandmastrqueen
Thank you for posting.
Wow, no wonder you are feeling stressed out and tired!! but your not cursed so that’s the first positive we can start with.
I am so sorry you have had such a crummy time though, Covid was a bad and having your son test positive must have been very frightening, then you little boy breaking his femur, you have done the job of Mother and full time nurse this year alone without all the other jobs you have taken on. Is it any wonder you dropped your phone doing DoorDash. That isn’t cursed, that my friend is over tired.
What you didn’t mention is what an incredible Mum, Nurse, Cook, Cleaner, Taxi Driver etc etc etc you are and yes you do deserve a holiday and I hope you get one too, Please take a breath, look after yourself a bit more and treat yourself to a new phone.
Thank you for being you.
Much love
Lisa, :heart: