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Worst year ever

I officially hate 2020! I don’t think I’m going to make it to 2021… **** you COVID-19… What’s next, tsunami?!

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Why do you say you are not going to make it to the next year? Just curious.

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I keep having this feeling that I’m not going to make it…

Plus my strength is growing weaker by the day…

Hey @AngrywithGod,

It’s been quite a crazy year until now, for sure. Who could have imagined that we would know an epidemic like this and a generalized quarantine? It’s scary. And these major events are hard to process. We lack of understanding, knowledge, real perspectives. It’s distressing to feel like we can’t project ourselves in the future. I totally get that. For me, whether it’s at a personal or a more general level, 2020 has been an overwhelming year until now.

If I may ask, how have you been dealing with quarantine? Are you in touch with your loved ones? How the situation has affected you?

Also, for what it’s worth, if you keep reading the news a little everyday, I’d highly encourage you to step away from it, even just a few days. The overall situation won’t change in a couple of days and we’re not necessarily equipped, as humans, to receive so many distressing informations all the time. It’s okay to take some distance with “the state of the world” as it is right now to just focus on you, on your life, on where you live and what you do. :heart:


@Micro, Thank you for touching base with me. To be blunt: this quarantine sucks! They postponed an event that I was looking forward to (but thankfully will happen), and I’m living with mom and brother, but the rest of the family are jerks, so I’m avoiding them like the plague. The situation has messed with my mind greatly to the point of praying for death literally. Only one good thing came out of this: I went (with mask and gloves) to a place that had a series of going out of business sales (which was good for me and my wallet considering that I need the sunlight and air, and saved money long term). Thank you, and I avoid the news to be blunt. How do I focus on myself more though?

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I bet you are. Just look back and think how many hard things you have overcome in your life.
Covid lockdown has got us screwed in different ways. But waiting for it to end so we can continue on with our lives doesn’t do for me.
Some things i’ve been working on these past months are working out/calisthenics, yoga, qi gong, caligraphy, fasting, i found interesting podcasts/interviews/lectures that makes me feel engaged.
I am not saying is all good for me. I live with shity parents too, i barely speak a word to them in one day and they spit poison more than speak to me. I have to deal with those lonely days or those sleepless nights. Not too mention the random strikes of feeling down for no fucking reason.
But these activities have sure helped me feel more balanced and engaged and have something to do that i enjoy.
Find something to do that makes you feel engaged.

The only thing that makes me feel engaged is anime, but I doubt that it’s productive long term. Thank you anyways. I’m also working on combining two side hustles into one (spiritual services and selling incense).

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