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Worthles life hate myself


I’m worthless, and an idiot, my girlfriend says she wants a loyal trustworthy relationship and she told me she has a friends with benefits and I don’t know what to do, I don’t deserve life


Hi friend.

Speak to your girlfriend if you can. Whether it’s through a letter or through sitting and talking. You don’t deserve that.
I’m having to learn that the actions of other people DONT define who WE are - and yes, I’m struggling to come to terms with that, but it’s a process. You deserve to live, you deserve to be happy and you deserve to be with someone who is loyal to you.
The only way you can solve this is by talking to her - it’s gunna hurt, but you were strong enough to post here, you’re strong enough to do that.

Hold fast


I’m not saying leave her, but you have to talk to her. You’re not alone. Ever - we will be here and I’m sure you have some friends that will be there for you too.



It’s all good, talking to her worked and everything is great between us, thank you


I’m glad you spoke to her. Keep us updated :heart:


Your worth dose not revolve around the actions of other people. You are valued, Loved, and have so much to live for. sometimes its best to step away from toxic relationships and in this case it might be in your best interest to step away from your girlfriend. the insecurity that she has do not reflect back on you. Please hold on! we are here for you

with love,


Hey friend,

Thank you for sharing this. I’m glad you and your girlfriend have talked and it worked out for you two. But like @Loveinflyleaf said, your value does not depend on someone else’s view of you. Just remember that. You’re so strong and so valued. This community is always here for you.

Hold fast,
Hannah Presley


Every time that I’m myself, it always turns out badly. I’m just an ugly pathetic low life person. Being myself in relationships is never a good thing. My girlfriend is pissed at me cause I keep checking to see if she’s ok because she had just been to a funeral of one of her dear and close friends. But I get it, it’s a tough time and I shouldn’t bug her too much. It’s just I can’t do anything right, I’m always screwing up.



You are not ugly, pathetic, or a screwed up. Your girlfriend should appreciate that you care about her. She should never have friends with benefits. It brings more harm than good. What I can advise you is love her. Even though things aren’t well. I hope you will feel better. Thank you for sharing. God bless. Stay strong.


I will always love her, she’s my everything, I just don’t always understand her sometimes and I apologize for that. She’s just under a lot of stress and she’s dealing with a ton of crap.