WTF? Why? Can I have answers?

So, this is a bit of anger…

I finally ate 2 meals today, I was finally okay with my body too. I felt like it was okay to have some food for once, but someone I trusted went and called me fat after lunch. Now, I already know I’m not the skinniest of people, I do have a good bit of muscle because I like to box, but its mostly muscle. It’s not even the worst of it. I used to confide in him when things went downhill with my mom. He was there for me when no one was, now, he’s using it against me.

What did I do to deserve this???

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Hi there,
I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. But I have great news…you don’t have to.
This person you trusted has hurt you, and that’s so hard to come to terms with. You don’t want to admit that they did you wrong, you just want them there with you, and to support you. Although this is easy to do and the thing we usually want to do, it’s not right.
It’s so amazing that you felt comfortable in your skin! I’m so happy you ate, and felt good about your body. When someone takes that away from you, that’s not okay. If they are calling you fat, when you thought you could trust them, that’s not good, and you deserve better my friend.
You did nothing wrong. Please know that. You are an amazing person who deserves so much! Your friend doesn’t deserve to be in your life. Sometimes people are put in our lives to only be there for a certain amount of time, maybe it’s time for you to take a break from this friend or confront them on how it makes you feel when they say that. Maybe you saying something will prompt them to think before they speak: )
Them acting this way isn’t your fault. I would recommend saying something, and if they still continue to treat you this way, maybe it’s best to let them out of your life.
Keep fighting.

Hey friend!
Don’t let anyone stop you from getting better. I’m so sorry that someone called you that, but it’s okay, breathe, when people say stuff like that it doesn’t matter. You are not defined by other peoples opinion of you. You are loved. Talk to this person and tell him how that made you feel. I’m hoping and praying it goes well. You’ll be okay friend. Things will be well. Keep fighting.

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Hey friend,

Sucks about any guy calling you fat…but for that person to be your confidant, someone that you’ve talked to about this, someone that knew this was a sensitive point for you, someone that has be a figure of support in the past…it feels particularly painful…feels like a betrayal, like totally out of left field, totally unpredictable, and you don’t know how to make sense out of it – you were FINALLY feeling good about yourself, eating well, doing the right things, and then you got cut off at the knees…feels like “WTF” indeed…

I think you’re asking the wrong question though – it’s not what did YOU do to deserve this…you didn’t necessarily have to do anything to deserve it, it could have been a mistake, a bad day for him, him trying to hurt you because he was hurt, or something else…the better question is what will YOU do after this?

Truth is, him calling you fat doesn’t actually change anything you’re doing. Eating healthy and viewing your body in a positive light is actually the best way for you to live. To enjoy yourself, to accept yourself, to fuel your body with good food…that’s the right path, and you’re fighting to get on that path! Now that you got on, someone tried to knock you off, probably because misery loves company. But you’re trying really hard to improve your life, and I’d recommend that you stay the course. Get back up on the path, and keep walking, because what you’re doing for yourself, your body, and your heart – it’s a beautiful thing!

Your friend,

Ignore them. That is what I would do. It be better and find someone else to confide in just temporarily. Maybe your friend was having a bad day or was joking. Whatever his reason it affected you.

You are good the way you are. You had no problem until he said something. Don’t question yourself.