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I am completely drowning at work. Nothing seems to make it better unless I am consistently at the breaking point. I feel like I always end up like this wherever I go - what a joke.

Deep breaths! I know the pressure and stress of work can feel too much to manage, however I want you to be proud of how much hard work you put in! If at all possible, try to reach out to your team and /or bosses for support because they might be able to help share the burden off your shoulders. Make sure to take rests when you can so you don’t reach that breaking point. In case you don’t hear it, you are appreciated and your hard work is not in vain. Thank you for what you do and try to ease up on yourself, just the tiniest bit, so you can enjoy your life outside of work.

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I understand that feeling. It can feel like you never get enough done. But I think it’s important to remember that the job will always be there tomorrow. You don’t have to get everything done today, because there will always be more work to do. And if something has to wait until tomorrow, that’s ok. Work hard, get things done. But if you do and things are still behind, that’s not your fault. It’s your boss’s responsibility to balance the workload - not for you to push yourself past your limits. You are more important than your work.

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I assume that means you have too much work and not enough time to do it. I would definitely contact your manager and see if they can help lighten the load. But another thing that helps is to only focus on the short term. Because there will forever be more work to do, no matter how much you get done. Think about what you have to do today. Think about what you have to get done for your current project. Because those will end. If you think about all the work you need to do over the next couple months, years, decades, etc. then you will get overwhelmed. Because there is no end to the amount of work at that scale. There are always more projects to work on, and it feels like too much. So if you focus on the short term, it is more attainable. It might also help you enjoy the process and the day-to-day more, since you likely chose this profession because you liked it. So focus on those small things day-to-day that you enjoy and enjoy the process.

I just went through this at work and what helped me is bring it up with HR and being honest and respectful. Thought i wanted to just tell everyone how terrible they were but I had to hold it in. I had to be honestly and respectfully address things that were happening I was not okay with. It helped a lot It helped. You are not a joke. You are a human with feelings and see the wrong that is going on. I respect that. Love you.

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