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I feel like no matter what i do, its not good enough for anyone. I am in my 30s and i feel i have nothing to look to or have any friends to talk to. I feel like sometimes i am invisible and no one cares

YebbaDebba you still have a whole life ahead of you! People say that by the age 70 you have already lived your life. Your still in your 30s. Go have fun and make some friends! Maybe join a club you’ll enjoy where you can meet people. You can also meet up with old school Mates. Invite a family or friend over to watch a movie. Go and distract yourself by talking a walk around a near park. Have you considered adopting a pet? My family and i recently adopted a cat and he’s so cute! He has really helped me with my anxiety and he has helped me be more confident and happy. I have even started talking to people at school. He’s a really good companion and really makes me feel more relaxed. If your allergic to pets or can’t have one then spend some time with your family. Have a BBQ and invite some co workers over. Keep doing your best! People will soon see how great you are and how comfortable they are around you if you just try to talk to them.

I’m in the same boat as you. Holding the other paddle.
Ive had to rebuild my friend and family from nothing after having to get rid of most of mine who were not good for my wellbeing, mental health and future.
I know how lonely it gets, you feel hopeless, invisible and like there isn’t anything to look forward to in life.

You are important. Your presence in people’s lives makes an impact that you can’t necessarily see. Reach out, talk to people, you’d be amazed at how much you have done with just being you.

Say hi to someone. Give someone a smile. It’s the smallest things that matter the most.

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