YebbaDebba Fan #8

I feel very alone lately. All of my friends are “internet friends” meaning they live far away. While I know they care, it’s a very isolating and lonely feeling knowing I can’t actually see or interact with them. And being internet friends also makes me feel less important since I’m not actually involved, and it’s easier to ignore that type of relationship for longer periods.

Something I like to do with some of my old college friends who don’t live close is to schedule in-person meetups once or twice a year. It’s something we all prioritize because in person human contact is definitely important. Not necessarily physical contact, but just reading body language, hearing tone, vocal cadences, etc. A lot of that is lost in text format online. Maybe see if your friends want to set something like that up, and make it a high priority. That way everyone has the understanding that it’s an important act. Another option is to add new friends who are closer. Although I know that’s not always easy or an option depending on where you are located.