Yes but finding just the right person to talk to i

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Yes, but finding just the right person to talk to is the hard part


That’s one of the most difficult parts, tbh! But there’s no right or wrong answer. Sometimes it can mean just talking to a trusted friend or family member, or finding the right professional for you whether it be a therapist, psychiatrist or someone else. The key is finding someone that YOU will be comfortable talking to. The rest will slowly fall into place, friend. <3

Absolutely. Sometimes everything in you is making you feel like you WANT to reach out, but when you’re finally ready for it it seems like no one around you is available or would able to listen to you. It easily feels as if people close to us are living their own life and might not have actual time to dedicate attention to what we have to say. Then there can be so many fears interfering with the act of reaching out, making us feel like someone may not be the right person to understand us. Reaching out feels like a risk, and it’s understandable to put a lot of care in who would be on the receiving end. You don’t want someone who wouldn’t show you at least some level of care and interest of what you say. Not someone who would make you feel like they didn’t actually listen to you. And not someone who would straight up respond by judging you. It’s scary because you can’t predict the reaction/response you’re going to receive… and it makes sense to struggle with finding the right person.

Somehow, reaching out about the way we feel is part of those actions that require a bit of a leap of faith. We may not fully control the outcomes of the conversation or predict how someone would respond entirely, but we can always try, and keep on trying, just because when you reach out, you are doing it first and foremost for yourself. You take a right action and do something that serves you. With that in mind, it helps sometimes to accept that it might be a “try, fail, repeat” kind of process sometimes. Not everyone is going to be able to fully listen or understand you, but when you finally find the right person, you are thankful for the very fact that you’ve given them a chance, that you’ve tried and open the door to them.

Glad you are reaching out here and looking for people that you can trust. The main thing is you just have to keep plugging away looking for the right people and/or professionals to help you. So many people deal with that stuff including me. I’ve found people are more open to talking if you show kindness to them and listen to what they have to say. Make it 2 way.

@rhondapeaney I’ve just been firing off on Twitter tbh lol … It’s actually helped me a lot and I’ve gotten a boost in followers that I wasn’t even looking for just from me talking out my experience to myself. Never know, you might help somebody work through their own monsters by reading or listening about yours :blue_heart: