Yes i went from fully functional to losing my heal

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Yes I went from fully functional to losing my health to a chronic illness and within 4 months of that onset, I lost my ability to work, my health insurance, then my dad, my marriage and stepson, my pet and now most likely, my home. I am mostly bedbound and have caregivers. I spend ~21 hours per day alone. What am I hanging on for?


@bel0ved05 It’s been a year. And haven’t been out of the house in 9 months. I’m only 43.

Thank you so much for being so open and honest. I’m so sorry to hear about your illness. I can’t imagine the pain you must be feeling, having the rug swept out from under you and your life flipped upside down. These things that have now been taken away from you felt like a part of your identity, and now it must feel as though you are lost, not knowing who you are or what purpose you serve.

No matter what is stripped away from you, who you are does not change. Even with your life now being radically different, you are still the same amazing person at your core. Through these experiences you will change and grow, but they cannot diminish your value, your purpose, or the ability that you have to be a light in the life of those around you. Though you may only see others for 3 hours a day, you have the opportunity to shine the bright light of your being that only you can shine on those caregivers. Even now, I am taken aback by your honesty and openness, and I find you and your story truly inspiring. Courage through suffering is such a powerful and awe-inspiring trait, and that us a trait I can clearly see within you.

You mean so much. Though life may feel like only suffering, it is worth living. You make a difference on this earth and this planet would be so much worse off without you. Stay strong and know that no matter what is taken from you, nothing can change who you are at your core, and nothing can take away the ability you have to be a positive impact in someone’s life. We here at HeartSupport care about you so much and we are always here for you if you would like to talk again. Holdfast- we believe in you.

@heartsupportwall6 Thank you. I guess I am courageous