You do not deserve to be depressed

Lately this thought have been in my mind all the time. I grew up as a boy in a middle class white family in a western european country. I’ve had not real difficulties in life and yet I feel freaking miserable there’s not a single thing about me that I like. There are times when the self hatrid that I feel is so intense that I wish I were able to leave my body to hit it until make it bleed, and the worst part is that I know there’s people out there who has it way worse than me and somehow they are happy, that thought only leaves me with a feeling of guilt that makes me feel more miserable and I don’t now how to stop it.

Pain is relative darlin. There’s some things you will experience that will crush another person. And things that will crush you and leave someone else unphased. It’s okay to not be okay even though the reason is unclear. I know positivity is almost non-existent, but if you can pour love into a friend or a pet or house plant even, you can learn to love yourself. Give yourself time, you deserve love, that I can promise you.