You matter art

We were talking about this during SWAT meeting and I thought I would share it. To let everyone know that they matter.
It is made with quilling art, so long (and in the small pieces with short) strips of thin paper. I roll it up and glue it and manipulate it into the shape I want. I hope you like it

EDIT: this took me 97 hours and 45 minutes to complete. The size is A4 ( 8,268 x 11,693 inches).
I wanted to put something around the logo as the paper looked a bit empty. But I could not decide about the colour so I asked Kitboga what his favourite colour is. He said green. And my friend @Sita gave me the idea to make it look like the falling computercode like in the Matrix. So that is the green part, made with 5 different hues of green and in as many different shapes as I could think of.
@Sita is also the one who convinced me to keep going as there were many times I thought it looked so ugly that it needed to be thrown in the garbage. I am glad she was there for me and in hindsight I am happy the way it looks.


Absolutely love it!

I thought at first that the “You Matter” itself was made with perler beads. It’s even more impressing realizing that it is quilling art! I can’t imagine the patience it requires.

Out of curiosity, which size is the entire piece?

Thank you for sharing your creation with us here. :hrtgradientblue:

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I forgot to add those details, added them now.
I had to sing Kitboga’s “have patience, have patience” in my mind a lot. And also him saying that Miss Frizzle tells us to not be afraid to “take chances, make mistakes and get messy”

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I am so happy that your art brings you so much joy now, and that hopefully now you will know to trust yourself and your art more on the journey!

this took a lot of time, and i hope you remember and celebrate all the good things you learnt while you did it! So proud of you, and glad you’re here :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome. I love the green background. I’m wondering, how do you know how long you spent on making it? 97 hrs 45 min is really specific haha. I’m genuinely curious how you keep track because when I do art I lose track of time and could only maybe estimate to the nearest 5 hours. I’m also starting to look at selling my art and pricing advice always seems to include time spent!

Nice job on the piece :slight_smile:

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With another Kitboga art project somebody had asked how long it had taken me. And I could only make a rough guess. So I decided with this one to keep track with a timer on my phone. So whenever I started working I would switch it on and when I stopped I would switch it off.
It is a very simple timer/stopwatch and is included in my clock app on my phone.

Thanks for the compliments :hugs:

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That looks amazing! Thank you so much for sharing

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