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You Matter In This World


To whoever may need to hear this right now,

You do matter. Whether you feel like what you are doing right now doesn’t have a purpose or that you aren’t cared for no matter who you talk to, there is a significance to you existing. Disregarding any religious beliefs, you have made an impact just by existing. Every person who has ever even seen you, let alone interacted with you, has had their life changed because you were around them. You may not be doing anything important to you in your life at this moment, but I can guarantee somebody you will talk to or something you will do will have a larger impact than you think.

I don’t take my own advice often with this in mind, and I admit I need to be better than that as well. I work security for hospitals and emergency rooms outside of streaming and the majority of people I’ve sat down and talked to that came in for mental health reasons left telling me that they appreciated me sitting down and talking to them when nobody else would. When I’m having a bad time in life and I’m feeling worthless, I think about not only those people, but anybody I’ve ever been friends with or dated or talked to with any substance behind the conversation and realize my impact is much larger than I want to admit to myself. I believe this to be true of every single person in the world who feels alone or worthless. You do matter, you do make a difference in people’s lives, and you can be doing much more than you think when everything seems like it won’t get better.

HeartSupport has helped me immensely with opening up more of myself to other people struggling with the same mindset as myself and I’d always be open to talking to somebody if they were truly struggling and needed it because of this community I’ve become involved in within the past couple of months. Without any of you posting your struggles on the forum, I wouldn’t have the confidence or strength to talk about my own issues with close friends and family, let alone on Twitch.

If you’re reading this, and you feel like you haven’t made an impact on anyone else, you’re wrong.
You’ve made a difference in my life for helping open yourselves up and supporting others going through similar situations.

Thank you for existing,
Shav :heart:


Thank you so much for sharing this! I am so happy to hear how much HS has been able to help you! Great job Shav!!

~Hannah Rhodes


Thank you for sharing this! It’s so heartfelt and loving. People absolutely need to read and hear things like this! We are not alone. :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing this. These words mean more than you could ever know and I thank you for finding the courage and posting this. I know opening up is not an easy feat but this is immensely helpful for anyone going through a similar situation. Stay strong friend and hold fast <3