You, Yes You!

Just wanna tell everybody struggling with something or someone, you are not alone.

And you are definitely worth every tear, sweat and thought.

There are times, when things gets dark, and even darker after that, there are times when you wanna end it all, cause death seems like a better option then the future. There are times you show weakness, or a bad side. It is nothing wrong in having these emotions, they define and mold you.

There are times you hate everything around you and feel like destroying instead of building… it is ok. you are not the only one, there where many before us and there will be many after us…

We will get more respect for falling and coming back up and doing this over and over then somebody who never fell at all.

So keep it up, keep on trying, cause when you do we can all try. there is something good for us out there. we just need to find it, or give it time to find us.


Thank you for your beautiful and encouraging words, friend <3

Thank you so much for this :blue_heart:

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