Am I just being impatient?

I know I’ve been posting a lot here, and I hope it isn’t bothering anyone, but I need some advice and the people here seem to know how to give it. (Just as I note I will be referring to “K”, who is someone that I love very much, more can be seen about them here.) I’ll keep this one short. So K lives in Canada and I’m in the U.S. We’re both 16 so we have no way of seeing each other, but I don’t know how much longer I can wait to actually meet her. I still cherish every moment we get to spend together, but text feels so limited. So, is there any advice anyone has to help me wait out the years until we meet? Or am I just being unreasonably impatient?

Edit: I forgot to close the parentheses, and I wouldn’t be okay leaving that as it was

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You are not bothering anyone. This is a place for you to talk about anything as often as you want. My mom used to always say, “Good things come to those who wait, so sit back and be patient. Theres no need to rush.” This is a very common saying and I think that it is very true. Instead of trying to rush to the future, enjoy what is happening right now. You and “K” should enjoy the special moments that y’all have right now. When the day comes for you to meet, you will appreciate all of the special moments that y’all shared. You are not being unreasonably patient though. I completely understand why it would be so difficult to wait to meet. I hope that all works out.

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Hey man

I don’t think your being impatient, online dating can be tricky and not seeing in person is hard. Also both you are young, so you two maybe be better off being friends. At young it take to try different relationships and opportunities. A lot teens relationships don’t always last, but that okay.

Overall, that does not mean you guy have to stop talking to each. It have a great friends that all that matter. Side note, you guys should try Mari polo app, so you can have sent videos and such.

I hope my advice did help and not put any damper on you situation. Also, I hope you two can work something out and be happy.

I am so happy to see you decided to reach out and share your thoughts about the situation. Feeling impatient because you wish to see someone you love is never a mistake. It just means you love that person and desire to connect more. I think what you are feeling is normal and understanding to say the least. The difficult part is how long? Share your heart with your lover and help that person understand what you are feeling in the moment. It’s okay to feel that way.

Long distance is very hard. Especially when you are very young! I think it’s great that you have someone that you can connect to and feel close to.

It’s possible to wait out the time to meet. But it could also be very hard to wait that long. It would be understandable on both of your parts if it just became very overwhelming.

Maybe it would be a good thing to just be friends and embrace a close friendship. Get to know each other over time. Pass letters, emails and messages where you can. Hang out when you can. But allow yourselves to focus on the things directly in your life that you need to. School, friends, activities.

It may be unrealistic to have a long term relationship right now. And that’s okay. Doesn’t mean that later you guys can’t work out. But you also don’t want to put unrealistic expectations on each other right now. You know?

Even when you’re older long distance can be very hard. It definitely takes a lot of patience, communication, trust, love and dedication. It’s a lot to put on your own shoulders at this time of your life.

My advice, but you don’t have to take it, is to just try to grow and strengthen your friendship. My partner now, we were friends and then best friends for 6 years before we ever shared romantic interest. And ya being such close friends has strengthened our relationship SO much.

Be there for each other. Be a friend for each other. Support one another in your good and bad times. If you focus on building that friendship it’ll take away the stress of trying to be romantic at a time that seems really difficult and allow you to just focus on a healthy friendship.

Either way, I hope things work out for you my friend. You matter and we care.

Much love

  • Kitty

Thanks everyone, I have no doubt that we’ll still be very close by the time we meet (which is at most 7 years away), and that we’ll make the most of what we have until then.

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Well I wish you all of the luck on your journey my friend. And hope the best for you.