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Anxiety Depression difficulties

Anxiety is feeling really uncontrollable, depression is getting worse


Hi Sarah,

Have you spoken to a doctor about your difficulties?

Hi Sapphire, I have anxiety about seeing a doctor talking about myself also, so have put it off

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Ah, I understand. I am 31 years old and I still get very anxious when I go to the doctor.

I can say from experience though, that if you reach out to a professional, they can very likely make your life much more manageable.

You don’t necessarily need to go the therapist route, but that is usually a good place to start. They can understand what you’re going through and they know what anxiety looks like. They won’t judge you, they simply want to help.

Your primary care physician may be able to help too though. Last time I visited my physician I had a panic attack in her office and she ended up prescribing me some medications that have helped a lot.

Not everyone needs therapy and/or medication, but in a lot of cases they can help calm your mind so that you can make some progress on your mental health without being completely overwhelmed by your anxiety.

It is okay to be scared friend, but there are so many people out there ready to help you :). Take what time you need to gather your thoughts but please reach out to a professional. I know it is scary but it is so worth it. Best wishes.

Thank you for taking the time to message me and being so helpful in your reply. I feel scared being open and vulnerable but I need help and want to be better. I’m going to try to see a professional, it’s just hard to get started

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I know I can’t continue to go on the way I’m feeling

That’s good to hear medication helped you, I’m think it may help me too

Of course, it is hard to be vulnerable, especially if we have had a history of being hurt. And yes, it is definitely hard to get started. Often times anticipation of things can make our anxiety worse. The fact that you recognize that you need help and are no longer willing to continue on this way is a great sign! This can drive change in amazing ways. I look forward to hearing more from you.

I suffer from panic attacks also, mainly at night or when I emotionally can’t take anymore

I believe medication can likely help you, of course I’m not a doctor, but it has done wonders for me. I take a daily medication and I also got a maintenance medication to help calm me down when I feel a panic attack coming. It is worth a shot, for sure.

Yes thinking lately that it would be helpful, I have tried so hard to fix myself by myself. I’ve tried to change my thinking, tried to gain more knowledge about why I am the way I am but still I can’t make myself better so I think medication might be the answer

Thank you for replying and helping

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You’re welcome. Please feel free to keep us updated, but only if you want to.

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Had a hard day today, feeling very low

I’m sorry to hear that. Is anything in particular making you feel this way?

My son is currently struggling with his emotions having a lot of big meltdowns. It has recently come about that he may have autism so it has been really hard emotionally for everyone mostly our son. I had anxiety before but it has become a lot worse worrying about him

Everyday task are harder and he get very frustrated, has many tantrums and screaming

I just want him to be happy, breaks my heart seeing him upset

My husband and I clash a bit when things get to stressful so makes it even harder

I can imagine how these things can make you feel overwhelmed.

My husband has ASD. While I can’t offer much as far as advice for younger years, I like to assure people that an Autism diagnosis in and of itself shouldn’t scare you. It won’t change who your son is as a person, it will only help you learn to communicate better and understand his needs.

That’s sad, about your husband. Why do you think you clash with high stress?