Big mistake i couldn't get right

i tried to hang myself last night when i was about to pass out the rope slipped from my hand and i started to breathe again i broke down crying telling myself i can do it but i tried and tried again and i couldn’t get it i feel so disappointed that i didn’t get it…

Hey friend, I just want you to know that after last night, I’m glad you’re still here and I’m glad you’re still alive. These thoughts that are telling you to hang yourself are not from you and they are not coming from anything good. But all they are are thoughts, they have no power over the choices you make. Next time you want to do something like that, make a post here and say what’s making you want to do it. Every day you’re here is a fight and every time you get out of bed is a victory.

Please stay safe. I love you.

Hang in there friend,

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how can you love someone you don’t even know

I think @Jaden is much like myself. We love you and respect you as a person. We may not know you, but like @DyllonKG has said in his streams, it doesn’t take knowing someone to know that they deserve love and compassion.

We have love for you as a person and we care for you as a person. As a community member and as a Heart Support friend. We want to see you okay.

I am sorry that you were hurting so much that you felt like you’d need to do that. I am glad that you are still here with us.

Please be gentle with yourself and seek out help if you need <3

Because humans have value. Period.

It isnt about what youve done. Or what you will do.

People deserve love. Ive made mistakes in my life - even tried to end it before. And people STILL loved me. Hoped and prayed for me. Lots of people that hardly knew me.

You have value on this earth. We love you.

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Hey there friend,

Im happy that you took the time to post on the wall and that the rope slipped. What you are going through in life is not fair and nobody should go through it, but you taking the time to type this post and continue to fight proves that you are worth the air in your lungs and the life that you have. If you havent already join the discord at and if you need links to free copies of the books feel free to message me and i can provide them for you.

continue to fight, we love you

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I’M VERY glad that rope slipped. I tried to overdose when I was 15, no one ever found out, the only damage it did was cause me to instantly throw it back up and become addicted to drugs. I felt so crappy about myself after I failed my attempt. For years I kept telling myself I was going to try again. Eventually, it got to a point where my attempts failed so much, I ended up just not caring if I would die from certain things. I stopped making attempts on purpose, but, I also stopped trying to keep myself safe because I didn’t care what happened. I’ve been getting those thoughts back recently, but, I’m also seeing some of the things I would miss if I weren’t around. I’m never going to try and talk anyone out of suicide, cuz I sure as hell know that in those attempts, there was nothing anyone could say to stop me - and actually it can make it worse. I do want to try and remind you that, by posting here, a part of you does want to live - and we will be here to help you every step of the way if you choose to let us.

My suicide dream this is something I wrote. It really hit me, hard. I hope you find some clarity friend. because the things I saw, and felt in this dream, apply to you too.

Hold Fast

hey @trying_to_recover ,
I’m so sorry your feeling this way but trying to hang yourself isnt okay. Think about those who care about you, think about those who will miss you. We see you, we want you to have a future, we want you to be better and recover. You’re not alone in this.

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I agree with what @DyllonKG said @trying_to_recover

Humans have value. That is how we can love someone we don’t know. You are worth it.

Life is precious and worth fighting for.

you are loved

i don’t feel loved at all…

Well, we are here trying to show you love, understanding, care and compassion.

Receive it. Let us be a support for you. :heart: